Technical Specifications

• Virgin Flexible PVC with UV Stabilizer

• Available in 53 foot rolls - manufactured by extrusion

• Click plank for stronger bonding when glued

• Colored throughout product thickness

• Black or white caulking line 

• Caulking line across thickness of plank

• Surface roughed with 40 Grit Sand Paper

• Can be sanded over time to restore original look

• Bottom grooved for excellent bonding to any surface.

• Natural Blonde Teak Color

• Darkens slightly after continued exposure to UV (20 years)

• Non porous and stain resistant (Red Wine, Hot Sauce, Ketchup, etc.)

• Non-slippery (especially when wet)

• Anti-Fungal

• Fire Tested/Rated

• Moisture Tested/Rated

• UV Rated

• Static Friction Tested/Rated

• Wear Resistance Tested/Rated

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