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Your Nuteak deck will give you the beauty of a teak deck with the convenience of a durable, easily cleaned surface, with an exponentially high increase in resale value!

It’s amazing what a difference a teak deck can make. It instantly sets your boat apart, giving it that feeling of luxury and sophistication that reflects your own taste and approach to life. But the problem, as any experienced boat owner will tell you, comes in the maintenance. A true teak deck requires constant upkeep to maintain its rich, beautiful appearance. And even with that special care, ordinary teak is vulnerable to stains, nicks, dents, and the damage that constant exposure to sun, wind and salt can bring.

Don't get fooled by spongy foam flooring that is easily damaged with no warranty. It may seem like the right choice until you are forced to remove it a year later. 

Nuteak gives you all the beauty of a teak deck, but without the stress and expensive maintenance. Virtually indistinguishable from real teak, Nuteak resists stains and dents and won’t dry out or crack like real wood. Imagine having the comfortable feel of real wood under your feet, but with the assurance that it could be washed with soap and water or even power washed. The durability of Nuteak means that you can get the full use out of your boat without compromising on appearance.

Other products may claim to mimic the look of a real wood deck, but only Nuteak gives you a beautiful, quality deck with a look that is more than skin deep. Don’t settle for teak veneers or synthetics that fade over time. Nuteak’s finish goes all the way though—even the caulking is consistent from top to bottom. With its special UV protection, Nuteak resists fading and will continue to keep your boat looking beautiful year after year. And at 5mm of thickness (about 20% thicker than our competitors), NuTeak is stronger and more durable, making your Nuteak deck an investment that pays off in both looks and longevity.

No other synthetic deck provides the authentic look and feel of teak as well as Nuteak. Nuteak is unmatched in offering the best and most realistic teak color among all faux teak finishes. Combined with our thicker, more durable product, more consistent finish, and easier maintenance, the choice is clear. Nuteak is the only decking option that gives you the rich look of real teak and the convenience and durability of our high-tech PVC formula. With Nuteak, you really can have it all.

NuTeak Ontario

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