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Maintaining your Nuteak synthetic deck is a breeze as stains, damage, and dirt are quickly and easily removed . . . leaving you the freedom to enjoy your boat

There is no reason that the luxury and beauty of a Nuteak deck should be accompanied by the maintenance stress that comes with other deck coverings. Your boat is for your use and enjoyment; it shouldn’t be the source of endless chores. Whether you’re fishing, holding a party, or just enjoying some time to yourself on the water, you shouldn’t have to spend your time worrying about damage and stains on your decking.

That’s why discerning boat owners have been choosing Nuteak for years. No other deck covering combines the beauty and finish of teak with the durability and dependability of PVC. Stains, dents, and damage can be easily removed and repaired. And NuTeak will not rust or corrode.

Unlike more high-maintenance options, and extremely high cost options, Nuteak is amazingly easy to clean. Your Nuteak deck can be washed with soap and water and can even withstand power washing. Commonly used items (Red Wine, Hot Sauce, Ketchup, etc.) will wash right off. And don’t worry about the way that novice diver was tossing equipment around—Nuteak is so durable that scratches and nicks that would have you on your knees for hours trying to repair with a traditional wood deck are instead quickly and easily sanded and buffed away.

With its special UV protection, Nuteak will age over time without fading—unlike other synthetic decks. In fact, Nuteak actually darkens as it ages, imitating the look of a well cared-for and oiled teak deck. It won’t dry, crack or splinter causing injury from exposure to the elements. While other decks come with extensive maintenance requirements and have to be replaced regularly, NuTeak won’t split, peel or dry out. We’re so confident that your Nuteak deck will continue to look great year after year that we stand behind it with our 20-year warranty.

The best guarantee of Nuteak’s quality is the way that its unique wood appearance stays true through the whole piece—not just on the surface. Even the caulking color is consistent throughout. So in that extremely rare situation where soap and water won’t quite do the trick, you can even sand your Nuteak deck without ruining the finish or destroying the look. If the good times get a little too out of hand, you’ll be able to remove that mysterious burn mark without having to replace your entire deck.

At Nuteak, we understand that when you get the chance to spend time on your boat, you want to enjoy it, not worry about damage to your decking. That’s why the Nuteak’s promise of durability will get you back on the water, with the confidence and freedom that comes with knowing that you’ve found a beautiful decking option that can handle whatever you throw at it.

NuTeak Ontario

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