The Nuteak Story

Nuteak Ontario

Beautiful, high-quality decks with the look of real teak from a company that understands your needs.

Like so many great ideas, Nuteak’s origins come from identifying a need and developing the perfect product to fill it. When one of Nuteak’s founders was in search of an attractive, durable decking solution for his boat with the look and feel of real teak, he was disappointed to learn how inferior most of the available products were. With a background in the floor covering industry, he had the knowledge and expertise to recognize the potential for a PVC decking solution with the look of real teak, but none of the maintenance headaches. This was the inspiration for the creation of Nuteak.

Our Vision
To create a high-quality alternative to real teak for discerning boat owners.

From that beginning, Nuteak has grown and expanded. We have worked hard to ensure that no other product can match Nuteak for durability, ease of installation, or beauty. Frustrated that real teak decks required significant maintenance, we worked to create a product that could be easily cleaned and repaired as needed—and that would last. Concerned at the way that other teak decks are only skin-deep, Nuteak created a color and finish that go all the way down to the core (even with the caulking), so that a NuTeak deck could be sanded without ruining the finish. We wanted to make sure our product would stand the test of time, so we made Nuteak thicker and stronger than our competitors and created a formula that would darken (like oiled teak), rather than fade over time.

Our Mission
To respond directly to the needs of real boat owners with a product that combines the beauty of teak with unmatched durability and ease of maintenance.

As boat owners ourselves, we’ve listened to your concerns and understand what you look for in a deck. That’s why Nuteak won’t crack, split, or peel—and why it can be easily cleaned with soap and water or a power washer. Because Nuteak was created by a boat owner who wanted to combine the beauty of real teak and the durability of a synthetic, we’re proud of the way that Nuteak is virtually indistinguishable from real teak.

Our Values
Unparalleled service and a commitment to our customers.
A dedication to innovation and quality.

From the very beginning, Nuteak has been committed to addressing the real needs of boat owners with a beautiful, durable, and reasonably priced decking solution. And that remains our guiding principle. Our promise to our customers is that Nuteak will never stop improving and that we will continue to provide high-quality decks that enhance the beauty and durability of your boat.

NuTeak Ontario

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