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Terrace & Balcony Systems

Nuteak Decking is not limited to Boating, this state of the art product offers a maintenance free, comfortable and contemporary looking terrace system sure to enhance any outdoor space with its functional properties and sense of luxury. 

Who doesn't love the look of teak?  Furniture and Marine industries alike have showcased teak as the quintessential luxury outdoor wood choice.

Nuteak is pleased to supply a practical, sustainable, environmentally friendly, affordable and maintenance FREE solution in the form of an exterior flooring system  which will
enhance any outdoor living space. 

Nuteak offers unprecedented freedom in the overall design scheme of balconies and terraces.  The design options are endless given the custom fabrication and ease of application.

Nuteak is durable, slip resistant (even when wet).  Though it mimics the look of real teak, including the texture it is splinter FREE, maintenance FREE, can be power sprayed unlike teak, feels comfortable under foot and weather resistant.   

Nuteak is  anti-fungal, fully UV stabilized, stain resistant (even
red wine/blood).  It can be hosed off or power sprayed. 

Nuteak's unique properties even allow for the repair from unexpected accidents such as gouges or  scoring from moving or
dragging outdoor

Nuteak has memory, small marks will disappear, larger gouges can be sanded using 40 Grit paper renewing the original look to your Decking.

There has never been a more affordable and luxurious solution t! covering that unsightly concrete or carpet covered terrace or balcony. 

This high quality and maintenance FREE decking can be used for ANY outdoor application; Terrace, Balcony, Garden, Patio, Residential or Commercial.

The perfect high end and functional compliment to Spas, Pools and Hot Tub Surrounds.

It's perfect for Roof Top Gardens, Docks, Coffee House and Café Owners featuring Patios, Restaurateurs, anyone with an outdoor patio...

The possibilities are endless!
Condominium living has seen significant change and unprecedented growth in Ontario, particularly in Toronto. 

Today's condo's are seeing more focus on outdoor living producing great balconies and terraces that in some cases offer more square footage than the unit itself. 

Outdoor living is increasing in popularity and has proven to add value to real estate.

Historically speaking outdoor balconies have been covered with what could only be referred to as a layer of awful. 

The once popular use of barely recognizable industrial and outdoor carpets
always seem to decompose over time producing an ecosystem for a myriad of thriving bacteria.

Pet owners whose pets make better use of outdoor spaces than their owners can rest assured that Nuteak's anti fungal and stain resistant properties make it easy to keep clean
and germ free.

The best feature of using Nuteak for balconies and terraces is the freedom afforded where Boards prevent changes of permanence.  

Nuteak is the perfect solution for no-fuss condo or apartment installation. Condo Developers, Engineers, Architects and Designers can rest assured that the installation will not affect the engineering of the balcony or terrace. 

With a weight of 1.3 lbs per square foot, little changes with the installation of Nuteak versus stone, natural wood or tile. Nuteak properties;  Virgin flexible PVC with UV Stabilizer. 

Available in rolls manufactured by extrusion.  Tongue & Groove plank for stronger and water resistant bonding when glued.  Nuteak is colored throughout its thickness and is available with white or black caulking (Holly) also throughout the thickness of its planks.

Deep scrapes or accidental gouging can be restored using 40 Grit Sand Paper.  Our technicians are happy to assist you with any mishaps.  Bottom grooved for excellent bonding to any surface; wood, plastic even concrete.

Profile is 5mm thick (1/4") with a weight of 1.3 lbs per square foot.  Nuteak is manufactured in a natural blonde teak which darkens slightly over time. 

Non-porous and stain resistant it is non-slippery even when wet and anti-fungal.  Nuteak has been tested and rated for fire, moisture, UV, static friction, wear and water resistance.

In addition to the obvious aesthetic and design advantages, Nuteak is proud to be a leader in efforts to reduce our ecological footprint and limiting the use of scarce and sanctioned natural resources in design and building materials. 

Nuteak Decking is the ecologically friendly, recyclable and sustainable (wood free) decking material of the future.

All Nuteak Decking is custom fabricated manually and to your specifications. 

Nuteak Decking can be purchased in materials only and installed to our specifications by your own installer, contractor, builder or as a DIY project.

Nuteak is manufactured by extrusion and in accordance with Fair Trade, the promotion of Human Rights and the ethical treatment of it's employees and partners.

Contact us for a quote on your scope of work.
Developers, Architects, Designer, Dealer, Contractor and DIY inquiries are all welcome.


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