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Technical Specifications

Virgin Flexible PVC with UV Stabilizer

Available in roll - manufactured by extrusion

Tongue & Groove plank for stronger bonding when glued

Colored throughout product thickness

Black or white caulking line (5mm - 1/4”)

Caulking line across thickness of plank

Surface roughed with 40 Grit Sand Paper

Can be sanded over time to restore original look

Bottom grooved for excellent bonding to any surface.

Thickness: 5mm ( 1/4”)

Weight; 1.3 pounds per square foot

Natural Blonde Teak Color

Darkens slightly after continued exposure to UV

Non porous and stain resistant (Red Wine & Blood)

Non– slippery


Fire Tested/Rated

Moisture Tested/Rated

UV Rated

Static Friction Tested/Rated

Wear Resistance Tested/Rated