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Nuteak synthetic decking is a superior alternative to natural teak decking that can be applied to almost any surface including fibreglass, steel and wood. Nuteak is impressively non-slip even when wet. Decking material is available with white (Beech) or black holly strips (caulking) and in three different plank sizes. Nuteak's properties make an exceptional alternative to natural teak. The design opportunities are only limited by your own creativity and imagination.

Natural teak costs between $150 and $200 per square foot, Nuteak is a sustainable (wood-free), recyclable, environmentally friendly maintenance free alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you choose to fabricate and install it yourself or elect our premium service, it'll be the best investment you make in your vessel.

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Color fast pigmenting and "graining" give Nuteak an authentic look.  Nuteak offers the lightest color available in synthetic decking, similar in color to blonde teak which assists in reducing temperatures generated from the hot sun.  Combine this with the fact that each strip actually includes its own caulking edge and tongue and groove ends, the end result gives an appearance of product laid by traditional craftsmen.   So real it could fool mother nature!!


Since Nuteak is non-porous, water, oil and dirt does not penetrate the material.  It requires no oiling, varnish, sanding or scraping.  Clean up is simple, just use soap and water.  Unlike teak it can be pressure washed, feedback from our customers has been that even red wine or post-fishing trip cleanups have been a breeze.


Nuteak is UV stabilized and colored throughout its thickness.  It will retain its classic appearance for many years.  In the event of an unfortunate mishap, burns, gouges and the like can be sanded with 40 grit sand paper.  Nuteak is backed by a 20 Year Limited Warranty please contact us for details.

One of the most common discussions among boating bloggers is the question of temperature.  Real teak and even some marine carpets become excessively hot in direct sunlight to the point where your feet encounter unbearable burning.  Geographic (climate) positioning will definitely have an impact on the temperature of any surface.  Nuteak is the coolest solution, keeping in mind that continued exposure of almost any non white/fibre-glass surface exposed to direct sunlight creates heat, our experience and feedback has been that Nuteak is more tolerant than most surfaces.  It does become warm, but never as hot as real teak.

Nuteak is available in three sizes;   1.77", 2.36" and 2.95" wide planks. 
It also come in double plank profiles for easy and quick progress of your project. 
Its trademark flexibility makes it very easy to work with.


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