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Hurleys' 2nd Option
Featured at the Toronto International Boat Show 2013

With the Sleek Euro Design, Marine Grade High Density Polyethylene Cradles and 316 Stainless Steel Components the Hurley H20 Functions as Good as it Looks and is Impervious to Harsh Environments.

Our revolutionary new stainless steel mounting system provides a quick release, leaving a very small footprint profile that could pull a barge. Each mount footprint requires only two bolts for the install and only stands 5/8" high leaving a clear deck for any activity.
  • Multiple Position Adjusting Chock System, Adjusts to Hull Configuration
  • Can Be Used for Soft or Rigid Tenders
  • Adjustable Cradle Angles for Easy Deployment & Retrieval
  • Independent Cradles with Rollers
  • Each Roller Well has a Weap Hole for Water to Drain
  • Multiple Mount Sizes to Accommodate Different Size Platforms
  • Can Be Used on Hydraulic Swim Platforms with Existing Channels to Remove Unsightly and Dangerous Chocks

Easily mounted on the swim platform, this hassle free system lets you lift and pull your dinghy on for easy storage or just push off for launching. Always available in an emergency.

The difficultly of retrieval depends upon the weight of your dinghy and the height of your platform off the water.

If you have a lip on the outer edge of your platform, let us know how high it is and we will ship you free shims with your purchase.

At this time the H20 only offers 6", 8" and 10" mounts.  36" mounting system (for smaller platforms) will be available later this year.
Contact us for pricing/shipping.

Quality Hurley Marine Product Made in the USA 


A Hurley Davit™ can be customized to perfectly match the bottom of your rib.

We can add a third cradle with extra support for the those larger/heavier dinghies. See photo to the right.

The Hurley Davit with two cradles have a safe load limit of 650 pounds using the 6, 8 or 10 inch mounts. Added support can be purchased for larger loads. System may not work for all dinghies.
Key Dimensions to Determine Mount Size

A = Swim platforms internal width
B = Platforms depth (transom to edge)
C = Distance from top of platform to the water
D = Beam of dinghy

Mounting Systems

The deck mount has two low-profile brackets that mount permanently
on the swim platform. Once installed the system is easily removed for           
storage by pulling two pins leaving a clutter free platform.  

Deck mounts bolt to our stainless steel adapting plate which simply
slides in to the Weaver Snap Davits. No need to drill more holes!

The strap mounting system can be mounted and hinged to an existing
rail that is usually found on some Cruiser Yachts and other vessels.

Contact us for pricing/shipping after determining which Davit/Size works best for your vessel.
Quality Hurley Marine Product Made in the USA