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 What are the benefits of Nuteak?

    • Virtually maintenance FREE
    • Costs less than teak
    • Fully UV stabilized
    • Superb non-slip qualities even when wet
    • Unlike teak, can be pressure washed
    • Better grip under foot on stairs
    • Splinter FREE
    • Comfortable under foot
    • Reported reductions in sound & engine noise
    • Warmer under foot in cooler temperatures 
    • Feels and looks like natural teak
    • Maintains that fresh look year after year
    • Anti Fungal
    • Sustainable (no wood)
    • Recyclable
    • Custom design options
    • 20 Year Warranty

Are there any environmental benefits to purchasing Nuteak?

  • Protection of rapidly depleting and endangered teak forests

  • No need for bleaches, oils, stains, sealants or other chemicals necessary in the regular maintenance of teak, reducing environmental impact to our waters, rivers, oceans and aquifers

  • Nuteak patterns are assembled and installed manually without animal, mechanical or electrical aid reducing our ecological footprint

  • The use of Nuteak encourages the re-building of sustainable plantations and the  promotion of human rights and fair trade

    What is Nuteak?

    Nuteak is a high grade flexible synthetic PVC and contains quality pigments and UV stabilizers ensuring it keeps its appearance for decades.  Nuteak is not manufactured using recycled material (due to the inconsistency of recycled PVC).  To ensure that the quality and UV resistance is constant only pure PVC with additives is used. 

    You could call Nuteak the 3rd generation as it addresses some of the issues associated with  original PVC decking.  Nuteak has a lighter color in its original form than other PVC materials.  PVC synthetic materials darken with age.  Nuteak has produced a lighter color material so that in its aged state the final product is closer to a natural teak.  This has been a common criticism with the original PVC decking materials; that they got too dark which is opposite to teak which actually lightens with age.

    Most are amazed to learn that Nuteak is PVC.  Visitors to your vessel will argue that it looks and feels like natural teak.  The surface has a grain to it that imitates wood, the surface itself contains small fibres consistent with the rough finish of wood and teak though it doesn't splinter, lift or feel rough on feet.  Surprisingly Nuteak when wet has superb non-slip qualities unlike teak which when often becomes quite slippery when wet, a common issue with most natural woods.  Nuteak has memory, small scratches will disappear over time, and major accidental gouges can be repaired unlike natural teak.  Stairs fitted with Nuteak also feature superb grip under foot in comparison to wood or fibreglass stairs.



How do I care for my Nuteak once it's installed?

Nuteak is a maintenance free decking product. Marks can be cleaned off using hot soapy water or by Pressure washer. Gouges or scratches can be removed by light sanding with 40 grit sandpaper.

How will Nuteak react to my dog's nails?

Nuteak has memory, faint scoring may appear at times and then seem to vanish as the surface recovers.  Our feedback from our own customers and from our personal experience has been positive in this regard.  Some large dog owners report that on the stair areas where heavier dog's nails are aggressive, scratching presents.  Those same customers also report that it's easily managed with a light sanding restoring the original surface.  We also have reports that the "ticking" from the dog's nails is non-existent. 

I want several areas replaced with Nuteak.  What is the most cost effective way of doing this as I am working on a budget?

The cheapest way to do this is to purchase the material only and template and fabricate it yourself.  The second option is to send us templates of the areas you want and we will make a kit at one of our facilities and ship it to you with the adhesives you'll need to effect the final installation.  We are happy to work with you and can ship your kit anywhere in the world.

I have heard that synthetic teak flooring gets uncomfortably hot, is this true?

Nuteak is the best solution for synthetic teak decking, our coloring is lighter than the rest on the market which keeps the temperature generated from continued exposure to direct sunlight lower than that of natural teak or other synthetic teak products.  ANY flooring material outside of white fibreglass will retain heat.

Natural teak and some marine carpets become excessively hot when continually exposed to direct sunlight in high and humid temperatures/climate.  Our customer feedback and our own personal experience confirms that walking across prolonged sun exposed Nuteak will not burn your feet.  Standing for extended periods on ANY surface outside of white fibreglass baked in the sun for hours will be hot.

As boat owners know in high temperatures an occasional light misting from the garden hose will help reduce the temperature, but a light misting of real teak causes it to become slippery, Nuteak has outstanding anti-slip properties, wet or dry!


                     Natural Teak             vs                 Nuteak                                  


                                      BEFORE                                                   AFTER

Most of us love the look of teak, the furniture and marine industries have showcased teak as the quintessential luxury outdoor wood choice.   The average cost of a natural teak deck is between $150.00 and $200.00 per square foot.  (Based on Grade A, 14mm thickness).  Nuteak is considerably less, visit our contact page for a quote on your specific project and requirements.  Now you finally have a choice, the look and feel of natural teak without the cost, maintenance or the controversy.

The maintenance and upkeep of natural teak can be exhausting, the hours spent scrubbing on hands and knees to revive the look of your teak decking only to have it turn grey a couple of days later vs a quick scrub with a deck brush or spray with a power washer and Nuteak decking is good as new.

Our biggest complaint from clients who have natural teak in the cockpit of their vessels is that owners and guests have experienced slip and fall injuries from walking on the teak with wet feet.  We are happy to report that the anti-slip properties of Nuteak Decking prevent slipping even when the deck itself is wet.  Disney Cruise Lines and US Naval Ships have chosen Nuteak because of it's anti-slip properties.

Unfortunately the popularity of real Teak has come at a significant cost, the destruction of indigenous species and assaults on the rain forest throughout the regions teak is native to.  Due to the high demands for this timber and the reasonably short growth period, sustainable teak production is currently underway on plantations across many dry tropical climates in Costa Rica and Mexico.

The historical controversies surrounding the harvesting of teak along with the depletion of mature resources has significantly affected market values and quality due to the age (or lack of) teak currently cultivated.  There are presently policies, legislation and sanctions imposed severely restricting harvesting in natural forests within teak's native range. 

Those outside the range still harvest and sell using neighbouring countries to import, bypassing restrictions.  The controversy over the milling/exporting by the neighbouring countries of sanctioned teak forests known as "Asiatic Teak" has led to known human rights and fair trade violations resulting in the term "Conflict Teak".