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N U T E A K   O N T A R I O
O R O N T O    P O R T L A N D S

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Welcome to 21st Century Decking...

Nuteak is made of high grade flexible synthetic and pure PVC containing quality pigments and UV stabilizers. An earth friendly, sustainable and cost effective alternative to depleting natural teak that's virtually maintenance free.

Nuteak Ontario is the exclusive distributor in the Ontario area. We are pleased to service Condo Developers, Architects, Designers, Marine Industry Professionals, Patio Restaurateurs, Spas, Resorts and Retail Consumers in material supply, templating, installation or Premium Service. DIY, Contractor and Dealer Inquiries are welcome.

Nuteak will outlast any teak decking, looking like freshly installed teak year after year. Today's boats utilize many advanced modern materials; Carbon fiber and fibreglass provide structural strength, Kevlar in our ropes and sails give us higher breaking strains and greater product life while stainless steel has made rust a thing of the past.  Isn't it time for your boat to be treated to a modern, high tech decking upgrade?

Three ways to order your Synthetic Teak Deck:

  • Do-It-Yourself (Material Only)
  • Pre-made kit ready to be glued down, made from your template 
  • Full installation/Premium Service

Nuteak, will give your boat a distinct look that makes it stand out among the rest of the plain white crafts on the water, breathing new life and increasing enjoyment and re-sale value. 

Nuteak is also the perfect installation solution for condo terraces, balconies, patios and hot tub or pool surrounds.



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We also carry the full NautikFlor line of marine flooring